The most useful hidden Firefox settings

Sorry for the click bait headline but in this case it’s totally true. Let me explain, Firefox only shows you a fraction of its available settings in the interface. If you open a new tab and type about:config in the address bar you will come to a page with hundreds of options.

I have in this article collected the most useful settings in Firefox that you can only find on the about:config page. If you know of a useful setting that is not included in this article please leave a comment below and I will update the article! Continue reading “The most useful hidden Firefox settings”

My adventures delidding Intel processors

I’ve been building computers for many years now and my latest gaming PC I built around two years ago now. During those two years I’ve made some improvements, new video card, add another SSD to run raid0 and all that has been fun. But now I’ve run out of “normal” things to do with it so I was getting a bit bored. So I was looking for a new challenge and I happen to follow a lot of PC-hardware related channels on Youtube (Linus Tech Tips, Gamers Nexus) which happen to do some delidding and I thought, how hard can it be!

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