Using Podget to download podcasts for Plex on TrueNAS

Plex has support for podcasts and web shows (which I henceforth will refer to as video podcasts) but I’ve never been a fan of their implementation. You can only listen to podcasts offline on Android (I have at least not seen a download feature on other platforms that I use) and there are constant problems with resuming playback where I left off. For video podcasts I have never seen an option to download them on any platform.

Therefore I have been searching for an alternative solution that still would work with Plex and that solution is called Podget. Podget is basically just a bash-script that can download any podcast that supplies a RSS-feed. So the idea is that Podget will download the episodes into a folder Plex can read from. Here is how I set it up in a jail on TrueNAS.

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